‘The Five’ co-host Eric Bolling to Obama: ‘Quit using our military as a photo-op’

David Martosko Executive Editor
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On Friday’s “The Five,” co-host Eric Bolling took issue with President Barack Obama’s Ft. Stewart, Ga. announcement of an executive order to crack down on institutions that “aggressively target veterans” for the G.I. Bill’s tuition assistance, saying that the men and women of the Armed Forces don’t need the president’s protection from so-called predatory institutions, as they have faced much worse on the battlefield.

“These heroic men and women do more for freedom, more for America in a day, than you will ever do, sir,” Bolling said. “Don’t insult them by talking about schools preying on them. They take live rounds. They deal with roadside bombs. They risk their lives, sir. They’ll be OK with Dean Wormer.”

Bolling went on to castigate Obama for what he perceived to be a campaign speech with soldiers as a backdrop.

“And by the way, how about you stop insulting Americans who see right through you while you deliver a left-wing campaign speech while pretending to give a damn about their service?” he continued. “And one more thing — quit using our military as photo op — it’s unbecoming of a commander-in-chief.”

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