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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Laura Ingraham

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Laura Ingraham is a busy woman.

Besides being the most listened to woman on the airwaves and the fifth most popular radio host in the nation of any gender, Ingraham is also the principal guest host for Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” and a Fox News contributor. More than that, she is a cancer survivor, a mother of three, and the author of five books. And lest we forget, she was once a Supreme Court clerk, a White House speechwriter and a litigator.

This month, her most recent book, “Of Thee I Zing,” comes out in paperback.

TheDC’s Ginni Thomas sat with Ingraham in her radio studio where she gave a special message to the tea party movement, provided VP suggestions for Mitt Romney and offered up some possible jobs for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama to consider after November.

What have we learned from the outrageous GSA scandal?

What can we learn from President Obama’s governance and his use of the bully pulpit?

What is your message to Americans who oppose Obama but did not support Mitt Romney?

Who is the best pick for Vice President for Mitt Romney?

Why can’t the Left engage in a more honorable civil debate of political ideas anymore?

What should Americans reflect as they prepare for the upcoming presidential campaign?

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