Ashton Kutcher stars in new online dating ad for Popchips

Alex Myers Contributor
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Dating sites, who needs ’em? Ashton Kutcher does, apparently.

The company that makes unbaked and unfried potato chips, Popchips, launched an online ad campaign for the product in the form of a dating service.

Worldwidelovers.com was featured in the ad starring the “That 70’s Show” actor as a celebrity spokesman taking on several interesting identities.

The first is 39-year-old Raj who likes Kim Kardashian, Snooki and milking contests. Another option for single young ladies is 24-year-old Nigel whose special talent is knowing if a person has an innie or an outie belly button “without even looking.”

Next is a plastic looking diva man named Darl with his companion pooch PooPoo, who only eats Kosher and really enjoys Popchips.

24-year-old Swordfish, a winner if we ever saw one, really just likes his ladies “hot and spicy.”

And of course Kutcher appears as himself to close the video, to separate himself from the other “freak show” hopefuls.

Popchips was trying to be clever by getting people to think the ad was for a dating website, but a visit to worldwidelovers.com redirects to a Facebook page for the potato chips.

An actual Popchips bag, however, was only featured once for five seconds in the whole video.

Watch the video and let us know if you’ll ever buy Popchips again.


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