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Occupiers rage against parental supervision

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Yesterday Michelle Fields interviewed a few leaders of tomorrow at the Occupy Wall Street May Day protest, one of the rare Occupy events that didn’t result in any vandalism, violence, or attempted bombings. Now Reason TV reports from the same rally:

I didn’t recognize Tom Morello without his worn-out effects pedals and dog-eared copy of The Communist Manifesto. And check out the old dude, whining about how he had to be a bricklayer before he became an evil Wall Street guy. Just because you had to work hard to get where you are doesn’t mean this generation should have to, Grandpa!

So that was May Day. Speaking of delusional Marxists, Stephen King has seen the last dime of my money. In retrospect, I regret ever giving him the first one.

Update: From the mostly peaceful Occupy LA protest yesterday.