Robotic prostitutes could replace human prostitutes by 2050

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The thing about prostitutes is that they are mostly illegal here in the United States, they carry diseases and sometimes they just get tuckered out. But by the year 2050, concerns about spending an evening with a lady of the night could be a thing of the past.

Researchers at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand wrote in the journal “Futures” that sex robots are not only possible, but could be better than real-life prostitutes.

“Sex robots are absolutely inevitable… in fact they already exist,” Michelle Mars and Ian Yeoman point out.

At an adult entertainment expo in 2010, the US Roxxxy was introduced in the $7,000 to $9,000 price range. The sex robot can be programmed to have different personalities, like “Wild Wendy,” “Frigid Farrah” and “S&M Susan,” depending on your bedroom preferences.

Mars and Yeoman write that future robotic prostitutes would be lifelike, and could perform a variety of sexual activities, and have a “bacteria-resistant” fiber that would ensure cleanliness.

Mars and Yeoman suggest that robot prostitutes could be preferable to human prostitutes because “commercial sex robots would be free of disease and would reduce the human trafficking.” Their research points out that sex trafficking is still prevalent around the world, and suggests the number of victims of the trade are about 2.5 million.

Another pro for this concept is that the sex machines would provide the “mind-blowing sex that few people currently experience.” Sounds good, right?

But The Week asks a very important question, “Hold on. Isn’t having sex with a robot inescapably creepy?” Not so, say Mars and Yeoman. By 2050, robotic prostitues wouldn’t be considered creepy, but a luxury.

And what about the human prostitutes? What will become of them?

“Human prostitution will still be around. It’s the oldest profession and won’t be thwarted by robot alternatives,” Mars tells MSNBC. “It’s just that high-quality alternatives where the robots are indistinguishable from humans will cut down the profitability of human exploitation.”

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