The solution for heat, work and weekends is Spanish beer and farmhouse ale

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We don’t know about you, but on an 85-degree day, when we stroll into The Daily Caller at the crack of 2 p.m. having already broken a damn sweat, we go all in and pick up a couple of six-packs for the elevator ride to the office. Because nothing tells your boss that you’re here to seize the day like shorts and a run to the package store. Muggy D.C. days make us crave Spanish beers like baseball makes us crave those cool aluminum bottles, breakfast Cheerios make us crave Grand Marnier and breathing makes us crave IPA. So without further ado, The Daily Caller presents Hijos de Rivera Brewery’s Estrella Galicia and Butternuts Beer & Ale’s Snapperhead IPA Farmhouse Ale.

Hijos de Rivera Brewery’s Estrella Galicia

So, yeah. We were sweating. And thirsty. And it was a Tuesday. The bottles were just glistening in the cooler, so we went for the Estrella Galicia, and it hit the spot.

First, some background: Created in 1876 by August Keuntzmann Damm and his wife — Alsatian refugees from the Franco-Prussian War — Estrella Galicia still uses the same recipe it did then, and the original factory is now used for half-naked Spanish parties that, well, look totally awesome.



We particularly love the please drink responsibly warning at the bottom. And, of course, that midriff.

And now to the beer. This pale lager kicks off with a thick, healthy white head that fades slowly into a clear, golden beverage. But before that — we mean as soon as you pop the lid — you will be hit with the nose of sweet malts that pour forth from the brew.

On the tongue, Estrella Galicia is nice and refreshing, with a slightly bitter taste on the back of the mouth. We chalk the refreshing quality up the rice in the original recipe — an ingredient American drinkers will be more familiar with in Budweiser. And it was the flavor we needed to begin a day of investigating commies and playing ping pong, but it could also kick off most parties well. TheDC would pair this Spanish beer with 85-degree weather, a lawn chair and some grilled wings in a basic blackened dry rub.

At 5.5 percent ABV and $9.99 for a 6-pack of bottles (we’re starting to think homeboy is jacking up those prices), this Spaniard is good by us.

Butternuts Beer & Ale’s Snapperhead IPA Farmhouse Ale

Having cooled down, it was time to dig into some old fashioned farmhouse IPA, and what better beer to do it with than a can of a brew that has served as a visible leader in the Great-Beer-Can-Come-in-a-Can Revolution?

Now some great beers have noticeably said “no, thanks” to this trend, explaining that their goal is to make beer as respected as wine — as well it should be — and a can just doesn’t help. This is a noble goal, no doubt, and the world (of beer drinkers) needs them. There are others, however — like the gang at Butternuts Beer & Ale — who aren’t out to impress the French. The straight fact is that beer is hurt by sunlight and seeping air, and aluminum is easier to ship. To them, the can is a no-brainer. And, like the recent lineup of Brooklyn Brewery beers making it into cans, they looks great, too!

Responsible journalists that we are, TheDC remembered to stop chugging to snap a few pics in the nick of time.

With a thick beige head that fades quickly into a cloudy, amber-orange colored ale, the Snapperhead IPA is a beautiful beverage to behold.

The nose is sweet and hoppy, with citrus and a slight hint of banana on the finish.

On the tongue, you’ll taste a slight burn from the hops with a sour lemon flavor under the tongue. And it really is the roller coaster of flavor that TheDC has come to expect with a good IPA, switching to a malty, nutty flavor and, throughout, maintaining a thick and creamy feel.

We might be slaves to what we’re craving at that exact moment — which is fine, since we have the right kinds of cravings — but TheDC suggests pairing this beer with pineapple and chicken on the grill. For real. We’re drinking it while we type and that’s all we can think of. So impress your bros and your lady friends with a great beer and a fantastic pineapple chicken. And please, for everyone’s sake, don’t overcook the chicken. When you can see the strings in the meat, it’s done. True story.

At 6.8 percent ABV, this snapper will catch up with you. And it’s a great value too — we picked up a sixer up for only $8.99.

Now don’t forget that tomorrow is both the 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby. The only reason we can see to drink responsibly is they don’t serve these beers — or mint juleps — in prison. At least not any we’ve been thrown in.

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