Bill Maher: Obama’s reelection is black America’s last hope

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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So, if President Barack Obama isn’t reelected, will the reputation of entire black race suffer from his electoral defeat?

On Friday’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, Maher said a Romney win in November would reflect poorly on “black America” and help conservatives undermine America’s faith in black politicians.

“I think the second term for Obama is more important even than the first,” Maher said. “Obviously, it was important to get the first black president elected. But if the first black president only has one term, America reads that as a failure. This is what the right-wing hope and prays for more than anything else — that America looks at this one-term president and goes, ‘Well you know what? We tried a black guy, but it just didn’t work.’ And I think Obama is aware of that. That’s why he’s so conservative in the first term. He knows for the sake of black America, he needs the second term.”

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