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Hillary: “I will see a woman in the White House.” Bill: “Quit stealing my lines.”

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She is woman, hear her roar. Her presidential hopes: no more? The Associated Press reports from India:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday she has no desire to make another run for the White House but hopes to see an American woman president in her lifetime.

Politely turning aside questions about her political intentions at a town hall event in Kolkata, Clinton said she really wanted to see “that final glass ceiling” broken…

As for herself, she says she is done with the political high wire and looks forward to life as a private citizen.

Sure, she’d love to see a woman as President of the United States. Well, just as long as it’s not Sarah Palin. Or any other Republican. That would be one of them there Vast Right-Wing Conspiracies or something. Also, the Republican War on Women, blah blah blah, etc.

Who knows, Hillary could even be telling the truth about giving up. Which would be too bad. After seeing the job she’s done as Secretary of State, you might think she’d have been the worst president ever. And you might be right, if we hadn’t elected Obama.

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