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Occupy Cleveland bridge-bombers are part of Occupy Cleveland, tried to bomb bridge

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Why should al Qaeda have all the fun? Now that the Cleveland 5 have been revealed as Occupiers, greatly embarrassing Democrats and the media (PTR), the would-be bridge bombers have been relegated to the local news. From WEWS in Cleveland:

We are getting our first look inside the Occupy Cleveland movement. NewsChannel5 exclusively obtained video of the recording by an independent documentary producer. One of the central characters in the video is Connor Stevens. He identifies himself in the video as an Occupy Cleveland participant.

In the video, Stevens is recorded as saying, “It’s been really good, there’s been a lot of stress and frustration but all around it’s been a really good experience. Within the first day there was so much information that my mind was boggled. My favorite part is meeting people walking down the street, average people, talking to them, hearing about how they’re affected by the economy, by the justice system, things like that…”

“We were saying two years before that we would have been kicking out windows and stuff like that. Back in like 2008, I was at that state of mind and now I’m understanding that we’re in it for the long haul and those kind of tactics just don’t cut it. And it’s actually harder to be non-violent than it is to do stuff like that,” Stevens said.

Technically, he’s not lying: he and his bomb-happy pals weren’t planning to kick out any windows. Oh, and the “we” he keeps mentioning? That means “Occupy.”

And if you’re still in denial about it, WEWS is also reporting:

Dozens of members of Occupy Cleveland showed up at a Cleveland courthouse to support the five people charged in connection with an alleged plot to blow up a northeast Ohio bridge.

The five suspects — 21-year-old Connor Stevens, 24-year-old Joshua Stafford (aka “Skully”), 26-year-old Douglas Wright (aka “Cyco), 20-year-old Brandon Baxter (aka “Skabby”) and 37-year-old Anthony Hayne (aka “Tony” & “Billy”) – pleaded not guilty during their arraignment Monday morning.

The suspects had the charges — conspiracy and attempted use of explosive material to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce — read to them in open court.

In all, about 50 members of the Occupy Cleveland group went into [the] courthouse. After the arrests were made, Occupy Cleveland said the five suspects were associated with the group, but they were “in no way representing or acting on behalf of Occupy Cleveland.”

Except for signing the lease on their headquarters. And planning their events. And getting arrested with them. And representing them in documentaries. And being supported by 50 of their members at their arraignment.

Other than that, there’s no connection between these terrorists and Occupy Cleveland whatsoever. Maybe you should just shut up.

P.S. And let’s not leave out any of their pals. Thanks to Tim Blair for the reminder that there’s still a lot of work to be done:

P.P.S. Courtesy of Nick Rizzuto at The Blaze, here’s a handy chart to help you keep track of where things stand:

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