Biden makes ‘Jeopardy’ appearance, touts GM recovery [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Vice President Joe Biden touted General Motors’ recent successes during an appearance as a guest presenter on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Jeopardy,” previously taped at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

Biden presented the “Cars in America” during the show’s “Teen Tournament.”

“I’m Joe Biden,” he said. “As a car nut and the son of a man who managed an automobile dealership, I’m here to talk about the automobile’s role in our country’s past and present. So here’s ‘Cars in America.’”

During his first question, Biden promoted General Motors as being “back on top.”

“The Chevy Coach dates from around the time this became the world’s largest car company with cars like my favorite, the Corvette,” he said. “It held that position until 2008, then filed for bankruptcy, but now it’s back on top.”

The other questions from Biden’s appearance included ones about the assembly line, “gas guzzler” cars and Chrysler, the manufacturer of the Jeep. One question was left in Biden’s category as time expired.

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