Linda Gray on campaigning for Obama or Romney: ‘I’m not going there’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Actresses Linda Evans and Linda Gray, who came to Capitol Hill to support Meals on Wheels, told The Daily Caller that they are not going to campaign for a candidate in the next presidential election.

“Oh, no. I’m not going there. I’m hanging in with the seniors because it’s not about a party. It’s about humanity,” said Gray, who starred on the hit television show “Dallas,” at the Capitol on Tuesday.

“I’m not going where you’re taking me. No. We don’t take sides. We’re feeding people, all kinds of people. I don’t care whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. I care that they’re a human being going hungry, end of story.” (RELATED: Gayle King says Obama’s “done everything he said he was going to do”)

When asked if she is going to campaign for President Obama or GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, Linda Evans of the television show “Dynasty” said, “I’m not here to talk about politics. I’m here to talk about seniors who are hungry.”

Celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Oprah, Kerry Washington, Usher, Chris Rock and Kate Walsh have publicly endorsed Obama in the past. Actor Brad Pitt told TheDC that he still supports Obama while actress Angelina Jolie said she is “disappointed” in a “few things” Obama has done.

According to Meals on Wheels, over 7.5 million senior citizens face “the threat of hunger,” especially women. The “Mother’s Day on Capitol Hill” event that Evans and Gray participated in was held to highlight senior hunger among woman.

“We want government involved because if these people can eat, it will actually save the taxpayers money because people will be able to be healthy, they won’t have to go to Medicare,” Evans told TheDC.

“They won’t have things, disastrous illnesses, they’ll actually save us money if we feed them and it’s the most humane thing to do anyway. How can you be the richest country in the world and have 8 million people starving?”

Gray echoed Evans and described her personal experience with the organization.

“I was blessed and honored to be meeting the people that I gave the food to. I went in their little homes, I sat on their stoops and the thing that I loved was that maybe I was the only person that they saw that day,” she said.

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