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Massachusetts Dems suddenly against using taxpayer funds to campaign for public office

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Well, when Republicans do it. And when Democrats are in trouble.

Boston Globe:

The Massachusetts Democratic Party today filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee, arguing that Senator Scott Brown abused public resources by using video shot by a government employee to promote his reelection campaign.

The Globe reported last week that the video – of Brown sinking an underhanded, half-court basketball shot – was recorded by his Senate communications director, during an official event, and after that employee had flown to and from Massachusetts on an airline ticket bought by the taxpayers…

Brown’s campaign spokesman, Colin Reed, responded today with an email attacking Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor who is Brown’s likely reelection opponent.

“This complaint has about as much credibility as Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be a Native American, and it is a laughable and desperate attempt to distract from Warren’s refusal to come clean with voters,” said Reed. “Her campaign is flailing and appearing more pitiful by the day.”

Do the Democrats really want to start scrutinizing this sort of thing? You know, the sort of thing Obama has done constantly as president? Has Obama ever stopped campaigning?

Here’s the clip they’re talking about:


Well, at least now Warren can point out, truthfully, that Brown is underhanded.

Speaking of Obama and basketball — and putting aside the fact that using those two words in the same sentence is racist — here’s a reminder of the Campaigner-in-Chief’s crazy b-ball skills:

Nothin’ but net. Eventually.

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