Owens hits new low on Dr. Phil

Pat McMahon Contributor
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During Week 13 of the 2011 NFL campaign, the Giants and Packers went at it in MetLife Stadium in what ended up being one of the best regular-season games of the entire year.

While watching that NFL on FOX game from my couch, I flipped over to CBS to see which game that network was airing in the New York market. Turned out that there was none. Rather, CBS was re-airing a broadcast of something called “The 2011 Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest.”


I was ready to change it back immediately, when I saw the list of “celebrities” blobbing along, downhill on the slopes — “Party of Five” star Scott Wolf, hair-gel guy Paul Mitchell, and … Terrell Owens.

It was an NFL Sunday, 24 teams were still in playoff contention and a possible Hall of Fame receiver was yukking it up on the slopes alongside Hollywood’s B-list in some bad version of the old “Superstars” show. I tweeted about it. I wrote, at 5:04 pm EST on Sunday, Dec. 4, “Big NFL Sunday and we’ve got our first T.O. sighting of the year! He’s skiing … Yes, T.O. has seen better days.”

On Tuesday afternoon, I sat on that very same couch, flipping the channels with the same remote control, when I saw T.O. on TV yet again. This time, he was seated on a director’s chair in front of three women — three of his kids’ mothers — and Dr. Phil McGraw.

Compared to this, the Skifest with Scott Wolf looked like an episode of “Charlie Rose.”

And yet, I watched.

For 60 minutes, I watched. Commercials and all.

“Terrell was an All-Star on the field,” said a foreboding voiceover before the first commercial break. “But as a dad, some would say … he’s dropped the ball.”

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