Amnesty = Defeat?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Amnesty: Fast Track to a Prestigious University Presidency One of the issues on which soon-to-be-ex Senator Richard Lugar was most out of touch was immigration policy, where he was a consistent supporter of various forms of amnesty. (It’s one of two or three issues highlighted in Mourdock TV ads.)  … That’s not something you can cure by maintaining a second home in Indiana. ...P.S.: Think this is only a big issue for those crazy Republican primary voters? Apparently not–but don’t take it from me. Take it from President Obama. The Daily Caller‘s interview with Rep. Luis Gutierrez contains this semi-bombshell:

President Obama, Gutierrez said, told him in December 2010 that comprehensive immigration reform could not be achieved legislatively because of fears Democrats would lose future elections. Instead, he said, the president suggested exploring administrative options to accomplish their mutual goals. [E.A.]

But I’ve been told Democrats had to pass amnesty to win future elections (by placating the growing Latino vote). Can it be that Democrats are saying one thing in public and another in private, when their political hides are actually on the line? Those who suspect that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid secretly engineered the collapse of the 2007 amnesty effort have another data point on their side. ….

Update: Farewell, “amigo”

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