Angela Kinsey of ‘The Office’ fights for fish in DC

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Actress Angela Kinsey of “The Office” made her first visit to Capitol Hill this week to campaign on behalf of the environmental non-profit group Oceana. On Monday night she spoke at a reception at the National Aquarium.

Kinsey has previously starred in a PSA for Oceana, focusing on saving sea turtles. But this visit to the nation’s capitol was her bid to convince Congress to pass the Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection Act and two other fishery-related bills.

She is scheduled to meet with a number of politicians, including Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer of California and Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

Kinsey told The Daily Caller about her impressions of her visit and the current administration’s work on seafood issues, saying, “I’ve discovered that to get things moving in Washington D.C., it’s baby steps. And I feel like that’s probably with every administration.”

“You have to do the work,” she said, “you have to get people to rally aroud you, you have to get people to call their congressmen.”

The Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection Act, the International Fisheries Stewardship and Enforcement Act and the Pirate Fishing Elimination Act aim to combat illegal fishing in international waters and promote truth-in-labeling about the species of commercial fish and where they were caught.

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