Pelosi to Boehner: ‘Immature,’ ‘Irresponsible’ to cut spending more than debt limit increase [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi labeled House Speaker John Boehner’s position on the debt limit “immature” and “irresponsible.”

“We know we have to balance the budget. We have to establish our priorities and make the cuts accordingly. We have to have revenue on the table and we have to invest in growth because the creation of jobs is what will bring revenue to the Treasury and continue our economic recovery which is important to the American people,” Pelosi said Thursday at the Capitol.

“So to toss this into the mix right now, saying we have to have cuts that exceed even the lifting of the extent to which we lift the debt ceiling is really immature, irresponsible, let’s get serious.”

In a speech on May 15, Boehner said, “When the time comes, I will again insist on my simple principle of cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase.”

According to the U.S. Treasury, the current public debt is $15.7 trillion.

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