SC Dem official calls Nikki Haley ‘the Sikh Jesus’ in Twitter rant

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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Phil Bailey, the political director of South Carolina’s Senate Democratic Caucus, used his Twitter account Wednesday evening to refer to Republican Gov. Nikki Haley as “the Sikh Jesus.”

The tweets followed a ruling by the South Carolina GOP to allow a Haley ally to run against a Republican State Senator who had once called Haley a “raghead.”

Haley’s parents are Sikh immigrants from India, but she identifies as a Christian.

Bailey insisted the South Carolina GOP’s decision was illegal and began to vent with a bizarre series of tweets that quickly caught the Internet’s attention.

“[Haley] is the Sikh Jesus. She can resurrect an unlawful campaign from the dead by simply appearing at a @SCGOP hearing,” Bailey tweeted. He doubled down a few minutes later, tweeting a picture of his dog “judging” the governor, “aka Sikh Jesus.”

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson tweeted a picture of Bailey’s original tweet, which was in turn re-tweeted by Bailey.

“Yeah!” Bailey tweeted. “[Erickson] is giving me shit. I have arrived.”

When asked about Bailey’s tweets, a Haley spokesperson told Buzzfeed.com that “Bigotry abounds.”

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