Boehner: Obama wanting debt limit hike with no cuts ‘almost took my breath away’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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President Obama “almost” took House Speaker John Boehner’s “breath away” by announcing his support for a debt limit increase with no spending cuts in a meeting with congressional leaders.

“When the president told me yesterday that he wanted a clean increase in the debt limit, it almost took my breath away,” said Boehner, referencing his meeting with President Obama on May 16.

“We had this debate last year. I reminded the president that when we put that idea on the floor of the House it got about 20 votes and over 400 members against it. The problem is the debt. The problem is the spending. Washington keeps kicking this can down the road, kicking this can down the road, just like our friends across the Atlantic, and look at where they are. We have time to act. Why don’t we act on our own?”

Boehner also told reporters the $15.7 trillion debt is a “wet blanket” over the U.S. economy.

“Our debt and our deficit act as a wet blanket over our economy causing employers and investors to wonder about is Washington going to act,” he said.

“The sooner that we deal honestly with our long-term debt and our budget deficit, the sooner the skies begin to clear and more certainty comes so that American employers can do what they do best, put Americans to work.”

Boehner supports raising the debt ceiling along with “cuts and reforms” that are “larger than the increase.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi labeled Boehner’s position immature. (RELATED: Pelosi calls Boehner’s position on the debt limit “immature”)

“To toss this into the mix right now, saying we have to have cuts that exceed even the lifting of the extent to which we lift the debt ceiling is really immature, irresponsible, let’s get serious,” she said.

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