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Sen. Johnson: Rush ‘right’ to call for Obama’s policies to fail [VIDEO]

Paul Conner Executive Editor
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Sen. Ron Johnson told The Daily Caller that conservative talker Rush Limbaugh was “right” to call for the failure of President Barack Obama’s policies.

Just days before Obama’s 2009 inauguration, Limbaugh summed up his feelings about the coming administration in four words: “I hope he fails.”

Johnson told TheDC’s Ginni Thomas that those much-maligned words have been “totally misrepresented.”

“Rush certainly never asked for America to fail,” the Wisconsin Republican said. “He was just looking at what Obama’s policies would be if they succeeded — and that would guarantee that America would fail, and that’s what’s happened.”

“Unfortunately, his [Obama’s] policies have failed,” he explained. “But what Rush was referring to was, let’s make sure his policies never get enacted. Let’s not spend $800 billion on a stimulus that’s not going to work. Let’s not take over one-sixth of the economy with Obamacare.”

“That’s what Rush was talking about, and he was right.”

Look for the full interview with Johnson on Monday, only at The Daily Caller.

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