Kennedy family continues feud after Mary Kennedy’s death

Melissa Quinn Contributor
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The Kennedy family continues to fight as relatives of Mary Richardson Kennedy snubbed Robert Kennedy Jr. by not inviting him to a private Monday memorial service for his deceased wife.

Kennedy instead took his four children to Florida to be with their grandmother. At Mary’s funeral, Kennedy Jr. delivered a “self-serving eulogy” working to not take blame for his wife’s suicide, the New York Post reported. No one from Mary’s family attended the funeral, except for one of her siblings.

Instead, the family decided to hold an alternate memorial at the Standard Hotel after Mary’s family and the Kennedys feuded over her remains.

Mary’s brother, attorney Thomas Richardson, spent Friday at the Westchester Supreme Court, trying to stop Kennedy from claiming his wife’s body. Mary’s family also argued that it should inherit her $4 million estate. A judge ruled in favor of Kennedy, giving him the estate and custody of their four children.

Mary killed herself last week after a long battle with alcoholism and depression. Kennedy filed for divorce from his wife in 2010 after rumors of infidelity.

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