Michael Steele: Planned Parenthood worked ‘to eliminate and limit’ African-Americans

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Laura Ingraham’s Monday radio show, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele offered his views on the NAACP’s shift to the left on so-called social issues on the heels of its decision to endorse same-sex marriage.

Steele said that the organization’s partnership with Planned Parenthood in particular should to be brought to light. He said Planned Parenthood historically worked to “eliminate and limit the number of African-Americans and other minorities in this country.”

“It is one of those twists of history that I’ve yet to understand and how when you look at something like the NAACP siding up with an organization like Planned Parenthood that has as part of its history and its charter and its existence — you know, the use of abortion to eliminate and limit the number of African-Americans and other minorities in this country, to me it’s just beyond the pale,” Steele said.

“I think again, creates an opening for our voice to be a part of the conversation within the community to a) set the record straight on the history, and b) speak to those values that I know you hear every Sunday in church and that those folks try to live out every day of their lives.”

If that is brought to the attention of minority voters, Steele said, there is an opportunity for conservatives.

“Things like life have meaning and value to them,” he continued. “Things like marriage have meaning and value to them. I think we can still speak to them in a way that is very attractive and very appealing and it takes the politics out of it the way, you know the left likes to play it because you know — when you get to the politics, then it becomes Dems and Republicans, and left and right. But I think when you speak on the value messages, a number of folks said to me over the years that resonates a lot better.”

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