Obama surrogate Cory Booker taken to woodshed, but Bill Maher gets a pass?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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How important is Hollywood money and liberal support to Barack Obama? Pretty important, apparently. At least, that’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from the chasm between Team Obama’s rhetoric and action.

Despite declaring earlier today that Mormonism was off limits, the Obama campaign has been silent in the face of flagrant violations of the campaign’s declarations (*see update below).

How is it possible that Bill Maher’s tweet does not elicit a response?

Keep in mind this isn’t Maher’s first offense. David Axelrod (you know, the man who said Mormonism was off limits earlier today), already pulled out of an appearance a few months ago because of Maher’s past offensive language aimed at another Republican.

Imagine if someone who donated a million dollars to a Mitt Romney Super PAC said something equally as outrageous about Barack Obama.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a top Obama surrogate, was quickly thrown under the bus after he criticized ads attacking Mitt Romney’s experience at Bain Capital. And yet, Maher — who donated a million dollars to a pro-Obama Super PAC — has not warranted any condemnation for his tweet?

*UPDATE: Buzzfeed reports: “Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith told BuzzFeed, ‘Attacking a candidate’s religion is out of bounds, and our campaign will not engage in it, and we don’t think others should either.’”

But will the Super PAC return the money?

Matt K. Lewis