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Obama backer and former CNN exec puts dog poop in gay couple’s mailbox

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That’s my favorite kind of headline, because all I have to do is present the relevant facts. This is hardly the first time “CNN” and “dog poop” have been used in the same sentence, but this time it’s literal.

CBS Atlanta:

A neighborhood argument ended with a stinky stunt that left one man facing a $180 fine.

The prankster admitted to police that he shoved a plastic bag filled with dog feces into his neighbor’s mailbox. But he’s not just any neighbor – he was once an instructor at the University of Georgia and he was also a high-ranking executive at CNN.

Bob Furnad walked his dog right past his neighbor’s driveway last weekend and that’s when he placed a plastic bag full of dog feces inside his neighbor’s mailbox. But Furnad didn’t count on getting caught red-handed on surveillance video.

“What’s the argument about?” asked CBS Atlanta News reporter Steve Kiggins to Benjamin Dameron, Furnad’s neighbor.

“I have no idea, no clue,” replied Dameron.

Neighbors Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller can’t understand why their neighbor would do such a thing.

But it gets even better, as David Stein discovered:

Bob Furnad of Covington, GA, was the president of CNN Headline News for four years. Before that, he was executive vice-president and senior executive producer of CNN for thirteen years. And, before that, he was political director of CNN for one year. Oh, and before that, he was senior producer at Good Morning America (news division) for nineteen years. In ’09, he left TV news to teach broadcast news writing and producing at the University of Georgia.

And he HATES Republicans. I mean, he really hates Republicans. On Facebook, he’s a big fan of the anti-Republican page “LOLGOP,” and he’s a big booster of Democrat politicians, including Barack Obama.

Now, to be fair, the media dutifully reported the story of Mr. Furnad being caught on tape cramming his neighbors’ mailbox with dog feces. But damned if not one of the liberal mouthpiece news outlets included the detail that the neighbors who were being harassed by Furnad – Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller – are a gay couple. And quite out-of-the-closet

Oh, and Furnad has refused to apologize for his actions.

Well, why should he? He’s a good little liberal.

Now, this isn’t to say that CNN hired Furnad because he’s a homophobe. But apparently they had no problem with it.

Just imagine if anybody even remotely connected with Fox News put dog crap in a gay couple’s mailbox. The Media Matters servers would melt down. MSNBC would call it “Watergate III.” Sandra Fluke would find some way to insert herself into the story. We wouldn’t hear about anything else for at least a week.

But Furnad’s a staunch Democrat. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

(Hat tip: John Nolte)