Obama Super PAC ad features Perry, Newt and Palin

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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This Super PAC ad is probably the most devastating use of Mitt Romney’s primary opponents (and GOP pundits) against him, to date. It is, I think, much more effective than the Gingrich ad the Obama campaign used a few weeks ago.

It is interesting how both sides are co-opting the other side’s messengers in order to lend credibility to their arguments. Yesterday, Romney created a web ad featuring two Democrats, Newark Mayor Cory Booker and former Rep. Harold Ford. Today, the other side is using the words of Republicans against Romney.

Anyone who thinks this will move large swaths of voters is probably wrong. But if this message is repeated for six months — and precisely targeted to just the right audience — it could be effective. At the very least, one can imagine this might convince some out-of-work Rust Belt workers — who aren’t terribly happy with Obama, anyway — to throw up their hands in frustration, and decide to just stay home on Election Day. In this sense, it could work as merely a function of suppressing the angry, populist vote.

H/t: Christian Heinze

Matt K. Lewis