RG3 impresses on first day of practice with Redskins vets

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ASHBURN, Va. — Forget the passionate, full-blown swoon experienced by Redskins fans and the entire Washington D.C. area over the arrival of Robert Griffin III; you should hear the reception he’s getting in his own locker room.

Players aren’t stupid. They know what wins in the NFL, and Griffin spells hope and potential for the Redskins in ways they haven’t tasted for decades now. The road back to Washington for a sixth season was far easier for 37-year-old free agent London Fletcher to travel after knowing that RG3 was on hand and ready to finally end the team’s revolving door at quarterback.

“Obviously them being able to get into that second pick [of the draft] was something huge for me,” said Fletcher, the Redskins middle linebacker since 2007 and a veteran of many playoff-less seasons. “I’m a guy in my 15th season and going into another year with not having a quarterback was not very appealing to me, I’ll tell you that. So when they were able to make the trade, knowing we would be getting either Andrew Luck or him, it definitely made the situation a lot brighter as far as coming back here. I’ve had enough years of that other stuff.”

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