Rum-soaked Bill Murray gives a tour of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ set [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Spiced rum enthusiast and upcoming “Moonrise Kingdom” star Bill Murray gives a hilariously awesome tour of the film’s set.

“Oh, hello. I’m Bill Murray on the set of ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’ I play a man in the film,” he says.

The actor describes the decor — which is quintessentially director Wes Anderson — and shares a few words about some of his costars and their characters as he sips some Sailor Jerry’s.

“Edward Norton, he does a lot of psycho work — he’s playing against type,” Murray says as a screen shot of Norton in a Boy Scout uniform flash by. “Bruce Willis, playing a policeman,” he continues. “Typecast, I guess. Tilda Swinton is in this one, too. She’s tall, she’s Scottish, she’s pretty. She can do whatever she likes.”

He also gives an explanation regarding Anderson’s costume decisions for the 1965-based “Moonrise Kingdom”:  “[Anderson] wears his pants very short, so he likes everyone in the film to wear their pants really short to look just a little bit like the kind of person you might want to mug.”


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