‘Masculinity’ author: John McCain is ‘all man’

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Time magazine humor columnist Joel Stein spoke at the historic 6th & I Synagogue Tuesday touting his book “Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity.”

During the event Stein described his efforts to toughen up by working at a firehouse, participating in basic training and even stepping into the ring with a UFC fighter.

Speaking as an newly minted expert on everything manly, Stein told TheDC that the most masculine politician is, without a doubt, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“He is all man,” said Stein, before alluding to McCain’s military. The author said that during the 2008 election he expected McCain to end speeches with “you owe me this America.”

Stein also mentioned former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, before quickly asking the crowd, “he doesn’t count, right?”

Stein was spurred to participate in his “manventures” upon learning that he and his wife were expecting a son, to whom the book is dedicated.