Ashley Judd: Obama ‘has an incredible devotion to our Constitution’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Actress Ashley Judd had some high praise for President Barack Obama during a recent appearance on NBC’s “Press Pass”, a mid-week online “Meet the Press” segment hosted by David Gregory.

Although she said was disappointed at first in Obama, Judd said she has now come to view him as a “powerful leader” with an “incredible devotion” to the U.S. Constitution. (RELATED: Full coverage of the Obama presidency)

“To a certain extent, I was [disappointed] for the first couple of years,” she said. “But I also know that President Obama came in inheriting an extraordinary mess and did his absolute best to do triage. And initially his presidency was about triage, and he started by saving the auto industry and, you know, all the jobs that were associated with that.”

“And now I’m pretty fired up again,” she continued. “And I think that he is a powerful leader. I think he’s a brilliant man. I think that he has an incredible devotion to our constitution, and that he is now able to flower more as the president I knew he could be. And I was extremely proud of his statement about gay marriage, for example, because he didn’t need to do that. He was just displaying his values and his belief in equality. And that moved me to tears.”

Judd also gave some credit to Vice President Joe Biden for moving Obama in that direction.

“Hats off to Vice President Biden,” she said. “I like that he would have that influence on the president because you know, Vice President Biden is the guy who helped champion the Violence Against Women Act, and he is very knowledgeable about intimate partner violence — how prevalent it is and what a constraint it is on girls’ and women’s participation in our economy.”

(h/t Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics Video)

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