TheDC Morning: Take our Guns, Please!

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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1.) The Great Gun Giveaway — The Daily Caller (US!) will be giving away an American-made 9mm pistol every week between now and November 6th. Publisher Neil Patel has the skinny:

“’Like most Americans outside Washington, DC, New York City and most of our nation’s news rooms, large numbers of Daily Caller readers love guns. These people are already looking to our new Guns and Gear section for the latest product reviews and Second Amendment news,’ said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO. ‘Thanks to Guns and Gear editor Mike Piccione, and the generous support of FMK, we are excited to have the opportunity to give those loyal and engaged readers the chance to win a new pistol every week leading up to the election.’”

The pistols come in three different colors and are engraved with the Bill of Rights. Click here to enter today.

2.) Dumb Law of the Day — Looks like the hopelessly incompetent New York GOP is busy exploring new frontiers in stupidity. TheDC’s Steven Nelson reports:

“Nearly half of the Republicans serving in the New York State Assembly have proposed legislation that would ban anonymous online comments. If enacted, the legislation would require websites — including social networks and online newspapers — to remove all anonymous comments that are brought to the attention of administrators.”

Ugh. These guys. As our friends at Wired note, this legislation would have banned the anonymously published Federalist Papers from ever being disseminated online. In your face, Publius!

3.) Mitt wants to give Big Bird a haircut – Looks like “presumptive” Republican nominee Mitt Romney is tired of folks raving about how much they love “Downton Abbey.” TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports:

“Mitt Romney likes PBS, but says it’s time for the public broadcasting television network to stop relying on taxpayer funding and find private income sources instead. ‘I think there will be things that we think are nice programs, and we’ll say to ourselves, is this program so critical it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it?’ Romney said in an interview with Time’s Mark Halperin on Wednesday.”

For those keeping track at home, public broadcasting takes up a whopping .00014 percent of the federal budget. The government is spending money at an obviously unsustainable rate, but if he really wants to sound like someone who cares about keeping America’s fiscal ship afloat, it might do Romney well to talk about fixing the programs that could actually bankrupt us.

4.) James Gatz Must Die – TheDC’s Taylor Bigler revisits the many movies in which Leonardo DiCaprio has died:

“Hollywood directors really have it in for Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters. The actor has starred in 20 major motion pictures and died in nearly half of them. Martin Scorsese and Baz Luhrmann have each killed off Leo’s characters on several occasions. And with the release of ‘The Great Gatsby’ at the end of this year — spoiler alert! — it looks like DiCaprio won’t make it out of 2012 alive.”

5.) Poll of the Day – A new Quinnipiac University survey shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama by 6 points in Florida. Romney currently enjoys 47 percent support in the Sunshine State, while Obama is at 41 percent.


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