GOProud slams Meghan McCain for calling Breitbart ‘extremist’

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GOProud slammed MSNBC’s favorite Republican, Meghan McCain, Friday for comments she made on Al Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation” Thursday evening about Andrew Breitbart.

“Meghan McCain should be absolutely ashamed of herself,” GOProud co-founders Christopher R. Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia said in a joint statement.

“She went on a liberal network with a liberal host and demonized Andrew Breitbart. During his life, Andrew Breitbart did more for gay people, and showed more political courage on behalf of gay people, than Meghan McCain could ever dream of,” they said.

McCain referred to the recently departed Breitbart as an “extremist” who played into people’s “fears” and was involved in “hate” politics.

The MSNBC contributor touts herself as a moderate Republican and vocal gay rights advocate.

“When GOProud was just getting started and under intense fire from anti-gay forces within the conservative movement, Andrew Breitbart reached out to us and took up our fight as his own. Andrew showed real courage, standing up to the intolerance of some in the conservative movement,” LaSalvia and Barron added, noting that Breitbart was neither hateful nor extremist.

“Meghan McCain has made quite the career for herself picking fights with high profile conservatives and then going on liberal outlets to trash them. She picked a fight this time with a man who isn’t even alive to defend himself. As usual, however, this is a fight Meghan McCain has lost,” they concluded.

GOProud is a national organization of gay conservatives and their straight supporters. Breitbart served on the organization’s board and memorably hosted a party with the group during the 2011 CPAC conference.

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