‘Honor Flight’ film to remind Americans of WWII veterans’ sacrifice [VIDEO]

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This Memorial Day, the producers of “Honor Flight” are reminding Americans to remember the sacrifice so many have made to preserve this country’s freedoms.

In honor of Memorial Day, Clay Broga and Dan Hayes (the founders Freethink Media, a production company focused on glorifying freedom) have released the first in a series of short films — leading up to the premiere of their feature film “Honor Flight”— telling the stories of participants and volunteers in the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight program, which flies World War II veterans to see the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

“The important message we are trying to get across is one, obviously honor these guys and preserve their stories, but the bigger theme for us is … asking people, ‘have you thought about your freedom lately?’” Hayes told The Daily Caller.

“Once you acknowledge how remarkable it is to have the freedom and opportunity that we have and the sacrifices made for it,” Hayes continued, “how can you conclude anything other than, I’ve got to live my life to the fullest and honor the legacy of these people?”

The first short film they have released, “Ryan’s Story” offers a short explanation of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight program’s work and one man, Ryan Jazak’s, effort to become a volunteer for the program, despite Jazak’s own financial shortfalls.

The challenge this Memorial Day, according to Broga and Hayes, is to get the message out to at least 50,000 viewers.

Their plan is to release more short films about Honor Flight experiences until the premiere of “Honor Flight” in August at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI — where they hope to break the world record for the biggest movie premiere, which, according to Broga is 27,000 people in attendance. They have sold 12,000 tickets so far.

The film’s profit will be donated to the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight program.

“We’re interested in getting the word out and then trying to help [Stars and Stripes Honor Flight] get the resources and funding they need to fly more vets,” Broga explained to TheDC. “That’s our primary interest is getting all these guys out there as soon as possible.”

Last Memorial Day Broga and Hayes released a trailer for “Honor Flight” that went viral garnering 4.5 million views. They hope this year’s video will also help to get more information out about veterans’ sacrifice and the Honor Flight program.

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