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Memorial Day to Election Day: The Daily Caller gun giveaway

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Yes, The Daily Caller is really giving away guns. Let’s face it: Nothing says “thank you” better than a nice pistol. We’re the only full-service online news outlet to launch a dedicated Guns & Gear section, and we owe our readers thanks for making it a success.

So beginning today, Memorial Day, and stretching to November 6, Election Day, TheDC is giving away one high-capacity 9mm FMK 9C1 every week. That’s 25 firearms in all, and each one has the Bill of Rights engraved on the slide.

Why? It’s harder to pay lip service to the Second Amendment when you’re looking through the sights of a loaded gun, and almost impossible to do it when you have the words “keep and bear arms” staring back at you.

Prize promotions like this don’t happen by themselves. This one wouldn’t exist without the enthusiasm of Neil Patel and Tucker Carlson, the guys behind The Daily Caller. Washington is filled with gun-hating liberals, and there are almost as many gun-hating conservatives. They publicly defend the Second Amendment because that is how their bread is buttered. But privately, they would not own a gun if you gave it to them gold-plated and provided a lifetime of free ammo.

When I met Neil and Tucker to discuss developing a Guns & Gear section for TheDC, I was curious about whether they were part of that chorus of gun-rights poseurs. They aren’t. When I showed up for my first day at work, neither of my new bosses was in the office. Neil and Tucker were out hunting.

Jim Pontillo also deserves a giant acknowledgement. Jim is the designer and manufacturer of the FMK 9C1; he generously donated 25 of them, engraved, to The Daily Caller. Jim does something that is almost impossible: He makes a centerfire handgun in California.

Yes, that California. The one that’s filled with gun-hating politicians who would probably choose an Occupy rally over a Second Amendment event 7 days of the week. Jim is not only doing something special for TheDC’s readers: He’s doing something amazing by sticking to his principles and making guns in a place where it’s tough to do so.

The FMK 9C1 is a good mix of not-too-big and not-too-small, which means it makes for both a concealed carry weapon and a good bedside gun.

The Specs:

»  Caliber: 9×19
»  Mag Capacity: 14, 10 in California
»  Length: 6.85”
»  Height: 5.09”
»  Width: 1.14”
»  Weight: 23oz
»  Barrel: 4” six grove left hand twist
»  Action: Double action only
»  Features: Chamber loaded indicator, 3-Dot sights, polymer frame, fitted case
»  Colors: Black, OD Earth and Pink

So what do you have to do to get a gun? Subscribe to our newsletter, “like” our Facebook page, download one of our apps — nothing too taxing. Then stay tuned.

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