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Why does Donald Trump believe what Obama used to say about being born in Kenya?

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That’s what Obama’s brilliant new ad asks:

Also: “Why can’t you be more like the guy we beat last time, Mitt?”

Gotta love the music, too. See, because Donald Trump is a hillbilly or something. I guess the campaign has already written off the states where Obama keeps getting primaried.

Not that I’m defending Trump, mind you. He is 100% wrong about this. Obama was born in Hawaii and that’s the end of it. This, for example, was total BS:

Obama was making it up, Donald. He was not born in Kenya. Stop being such a Birther and admit that Obama lied!

P.S. It’s too bad the Obama campaign just shut down Attack Watch. They could’ve really watched the attacks by people who keep taking Obama at his word about his place of birth, before he decided it wasn’t his word anymore.

Farewell, Attack Watch. Farewell.