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Let’s help Obama find a new campaign theme, you guys

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Uh-oh. The Obama campaign is in trouble, everybody. All they had in 2008 were empty slogans, and now they can’t even handle those! The Hill reports:

President Obama’s campaign has yet to find a clear 2012 reelection slogan that carries the heft of 2008’s “Change You Can Believe In,” raising worries among his supporters — and hopes among Republicans — that he is having trouble articulating a concise case for a second term.

“It’s a problem because in 2008 he had an absolute winner of a slogan in ‘hope and change,’” said Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University professor and expert on political advertising. “It said it all, and the things that he has tried so far this time haven’t worked in the same way…”

Obama formally launched his campaign this month with the message of “Forward,” but one senior Democratic Party official told The Hill that people who thought that would be the campaign’s lasting official slogan should “stay tuned.”

Obama at various times over the past year has taken “Winning the Future,” “A Fair Shot,” “An America Built to Last,” and “We Can’t Wait” for test drives, but none has found lasting traction. Vice President Biden has suggested one possible bumper sticker slogan: “GM’s alive; bin Laden’s dead.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that Joe. Bless his heartbeat-away-from-the-presidency.

But seriously, we can’t let those teabaggy wingnuts win, can we? Obama needs our help, people. Let’s do this.

Here are a few of the slogans I’ve come up with:

Obama 2012: Yes We Can (Be Bought)

Obama 2012: Four More Years of Having Killed Bin Laden

Obama 2012: He Probably Doesn’t Eat Dogs Anymore

Obama 2012: When He Said He Was Born in Kenya, He Was Lying

Obama 2012: He’ll Do Better This Time, Honest

Obama 2012: He Doesn’t Have the Solution; He Just Doesn’t Like Yours

Obama 2012: He Bungled His Change, But He’s Still Kinda Cute

Obama 2012: Those Oceans Aren’t Exactly Going to Lower Themselves

Obama 2012: Two Words: Algae Cars

Obama 2012: Smoke and Choom

Obama 2012: Bush Did It

Well, it’s a start. Now it’s your turn. Come on, folks, time’s a-wastin’. We are the sloganeers we’ve been waiting for!