Michigan congressional candidate goes ‘Vogue’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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“It makes no difference if you’re black or white, if you’re boy or a girl”: The only thing you need to do to win a piece of Madonna memorabilia is donate to Michigan congressional candidate Trevor Thomas’ campaign.

The Democratic candidate from Michigan’s third district is taking an interesting approach to raising money for his campaign.

Every person who donates to Thomas’ campaign — or sends a note to a Los Angeles P.O. box — will be eligible to win an Recording Industry Association of America award given to Madonna when her hit single, “Vogue,” went double platinum.

“Vogue” dropped in 1990 and reached No. 1 in 30 countries, becoming one of the Michigan native’s best-selling singles of all time.

Howie Klein, a Thomas supporter and the former head of Sire, Madonna’s record label at the time, is donating the award to his campaign.

“Trevor is the example of the inclusive spirit of what ‘Vogue’ was all about in the ’90s and today,” Klein said in a Tuesday press release. “He’s trying to change the dynamic of politics.”

Thomas’ push for cash comes nearly six months before the election. He is running against a Republican incumbent, Rep. Justin Amash, who has raised $603,196 during the 2012 election cycle, according to Open Secrets. Thomas has raised just over $100,000 in the same amount of time.

The Thomas campaign has not yet responded to The Daily Caller’s request for comment.

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