Bilderberg bonanza: Protester tells TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein to ‘go f*#k yourself’ [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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CHANTILLY, Va. — A Bilderberg conference protester launched an expletive-filled — but highly entertaining — rant against The Daily Caller on Thursday.

The conspiracy-minded protester mentioned that the Marriott hotel where the Bilderberg conference is being held contains European propaganda and was built by Europeans. When TheDC asked the protester to elaborate on what exactly he thought that signified, he flipped his lid, telling TheDC to “go fuck yourself” several times.

Later, the protester confided off-camera that the European propaganda he was referring to  was a portrait of the Battle of Waterloo he had seen hanging inside the hotel. He wasn’t joking.

The Bilderberg meeting is an annual gathering of influential political, media and business figures. Since the meetings are by invitation only and held in secrecy, conspiracy theorists project them as gatherings with awesome powers, and speculate that participants are laying the groundwork for a one-world government. Some even allege they have the power to select the next American president.

The conference is expected to run through the weekend.

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