Roseanne Barr: Romney ‘thinks Jesus was hanging out with the Indians’

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Actress and Green Party presidential candidate Roseanne Barr told The Daily Caller that voters should be concerned about presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.

Barr told TheDC that Mormonism should be an election issue “only if you have a problem with a guy having his finger on the nuclear button who thinks Jesus was hanging out with the Indians and that the Romneys will be running their own planets in the hereafter.”

Romney is the first Mormon to secure a major party’s presidential nomination. His religion became a political issue during the Republican primaries when pastor Robert Jeffress, a supporter of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s candidacy, denounced Mormonism as “a cult.”

President Barack Obama’s campaign has repeatedly said that Romney’s religion is “off limits” for campaign mud-slinging. The notoriously unfiltered Barr, however, does not share Obama’s qualms.

“The religion? Don’t get me started — I grew up in Utah,” she said. “Look, lots of Mormons are nice people. I’m sure a whole big crowd of Mitt’s grandmothers are looking down proudly at his run for the White House. But if people knew more about him and how he made his money, and maybe his religion, which is more socialist than anything Obama’s proposed, they wouldn’t want him anywhere near the Oval Office.”

The Green Party will select its presidential nominee during its July 12-15 convention in Baltimore, Md. Barr is vying for the nomination against Massachusetts physician Jill Stein.

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