Latest target of Larry Flynt’s misogyny: Ann Coulter

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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After manufacturing a fake “explicit image” of conservative commentator S.E. Cupp last month, Larry Flynt’s pornography empire has now turned its venom toward conservative columnist Ann Coulter.

A June 1 article on the LarryFlynt.com blog took several shots at the best-selling author, beginning by doubting that she is, in fact, a woman.

When the name Ann Coulter is mentioned, a flood of words comes to mind: mean, angry, extremist, conservative, inflammatory, hideous, arrogant, male. Regarding that last adjective, we are speaking specifically of a male who is angry because he looks like a woman — sort of. You could throw the adjective ugly into the mix, but that’s probably redundant. Seriously, how many men have you seen in a dress who are good-looking?

The writer, presumably Flynt himself, continues by engaging in what appears to be sex “trutherism” by describing a years-old investigation of Coulter and her voter registration, and alleging she left the “sex” portion of her registration form blank:

It’s worth noting that investigative reporter Brad Friedman, writing for this magazine in April 2008, stated that on June 15, 2005, when Coulter filled out an application to become a Florida voter, she left blank the section specifying sex. Supplying false information on such a document is a third-degree felony that could result in a $5,000 fine and/or five years in prison. But enough about Coulter’s mutant sexuality.

After an incoherent screed about Coulter’s political positions, the essay concludes with this nasty message:

Message to Ann Coulter: Blow yourself. Seriously. Put that thing between your legs into your mouth and suck on it until you come. It’s up to you if you want to swallow.

Flynt’s byline does not appear on the essay, which names Coulter as Hustler’s “Asshole of the Month.” But LarryFlynt.com is registered to LFP Internet Group at the same  Beverly Hills, Calif. address as many of Larry Flynt’s other Hustler websites. The site is also featured on Hustlerworld.com, which lists “all things Larry Flynt Publications.”

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