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Rev. Robert Sirico on the cultural left’s lack of ethics [VIDEO]

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A graphic in the March/April edition of the radical magazine Adbusters mocks people who throw off all moral restraint in the pursuit of wealth.

But Rev. Robert Sirico told The Daily Caller that the graphic, intended to mock right-leaning capitalists, actually describes the “cultural left.”

“The whole philosophy behind this kind of tagline — mammon, because you deserve to enjoy life guilt-free — is really the logo of the cultural left,” Sirico, a Catholic minister and author, said. “They don’t want to be burdened with ethical demands.”

Adbusters is an anti-capitalist magazine founded by Marxist Kalle Lasn and was instrumental in fueling the similarly anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement.

“You notice that they are precisely the ones who don’t tell us what personal responsibilities we have,” Sirico continued. “They make abstract all of our obligations: It’s the obligation of the people, the obligation of the state, the obligation of some general mass of something-or-other.”

“They’re directing this at productive people in the market, but really it’s a mirror that is to be held up right to their own faces,” he said.

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