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A message from the New York Bureau of Food Discipline (#NYCBFD)

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Meanwhile, Newsweek‘s Michael Tomasky exhorts us to submit to the will of our betters:

There’s only one way to say something like this, and it’s loud and proud and without apology: I wholeheartedly support Mike Bloomberg’s war on sugar. It’s unassailable as policy. Refined sugar is without question the worst foodstuff in the world for human health, and high-fructose corn syrup is little better. We are a fat country getting fatter and fatter, and these mountains of refined sugar that people ingest are a big part of the reason. The costs to the health-care system are enormous, so the public interest here is ridiculously obvious. Obesity is a killer. Are we to do nothing, in the name of the “liberty” that entitles millions of people to kill themselves however they please, whatever their diabetes treatments costs their insurers? We have this “liberty” business completely backward in this country, and if Bloomberg can start rebalancing individual freedom and the public good, God bless him, I say.

“Liberty”? What the hell is that? Freedom’s just another word for “choosing differently than leftists would prefer.”

And in case you’re wondering, Tomasky is also a big fan of federally funded abortion. If you’re pro-choice when it comes to killing your children, but not when it comes to buying more than 16 ounces of soda at a time, #YouMightBeALiberal.

(Hat tip: Mike Riggs)

P.S. Frank J. Fleming: The Tyranny of Having Too Many Choices. And by the way, too much salt isn’t as bad for you as not enough salt.