Gutfeld mocks Sarah Jessica Parker’s Obama fundraiser [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Monday’s “The Five” on the Fox News Channel, co-host Greg Gutfeld counseled his viewers on how to take political advice from Hollywood stars: don’t.

In his monologue, Gutfeld reacted to Sarah Jessica Parker, formerly of HBO’s “Sex and the City,” and her plea during Sunday’s MTV Music Awards for viewers to support Obama.

“Well, I tried to watch the MTV Movie Awards last night but something stopped me — oh yeah, I threw up,” Gutfeld said. “If MTV were a person, it would be the divorced dad getting an earring trying to hit on his teenage daughter’s friends. It’s the old fool trying to be cool. I admire, however, how the aging in-crowd sticks together even as they fall apart. Take the ad that aired during the awards with that annoying lady with three names. In it, she raffles off a dinner with herself, the president and his wife.”

According to Gutfeld, there are many things wrong with the alliance of Hollywood and Obama, including Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine.

“‘We need him and he needs us.’ Who is ‘we?'” Gutfeld asked. “I call it a co-dependence of cool where both sides cling to each other while everyone else jumps ship. Celebs, desperate to be seen as smart and not shallow, cling to Obama as the p.c. life raft during auditions, Frappuccino runs and coke parties. Saying ‘vote Obama’ beats thinking it’s the best thing to happen to no-talents since breast implants, which is why Hollywood is now Obama’s volunteer PR army and personal ATM machine. But while the prez and this cult are the best star-pairing since ‘Thelma and Louise,’ — you know how that ended. And also, if Anna Wintour is the face of the campaign … your campaign may need a facelift.”

The morale of this story, Gutfeld concluded, is to not base your decision-making on what celebrities think.

“I love Mick Jagger’s new wig,” Gutfield said of Wintour. “Anyway, do you really want advice from a person whose mink coat owns a mink coat? Remember celebrities — they think you’re stupid. Agreeing with them proves it.”

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