George — I mean Mitt! Obama bungles Romney’s name

Holly Bensur Contributor
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President Barack Obama mistakenly confused presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney with his father George during a fundraiser at the New Amsterdam Theater in Times Square on Monday.

The president mistakenly interchanged his Republican opponent with the former Michigan Gov. George Romney, The Telegraph reports

“We are not going back to set policies that say you’re on your own and that’s essentially the theory of the other side — you know, George Romney,” Obama said.

Obama reportedly tried to explain the gaffe to the amused crowd before continuing with his speech. From then on he only used the term “Governor Romney” to keep from making the same mistake twice.

The speech ran approximately 30 minutes and “focused on the economy [and] continued to cast Mitt Romney’s policies as a throwback to the 1950s and 1960s – a reoccurring theme of Mr Obama’s reelection,” The Telegraph reports.

The president’s mistake follows similar mix-ups made by the Romney campaign in the past few days. These include the misspellings of “America” in an iPhone app and “sneak-peek” and “official” on the nominee’s Facebook page.

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