June 5 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Good morning, friends. Today — if you’ve managed to avoid all national news for the past several weeks — is an electoral showdown in Wisconsin. This morning’s Lagniappe reflects that fact.

Have an excellent morning and a safe commute. And don’t forget to check back in over the course of the day. We’ve got a lot of exciting things on tap!

The American Conservative – “Romney vs. Ryan: What Happens to Discretionary Budget in ’13?”

The Weekly Standard: “Why Wisconsin Matters”

Washington Post – “Romney’s faith is his business”

New York Times (538 Blog) – “Late Polls Find Walker Is Still Favored”

David Brooks – “The Debt Indulgence” 

Finally, a long (but thought provoking) read from The American Scholar: “Justice for Sale”

As an added bonus, here’s a Bloggingheads clip where Bill Scher and I offer tips for young writers.


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Matt K. Lewis