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Occupy DC takes a breather

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Ah, McPherson Square. One of the touchstones of the Occupy movement. Who can forget where they were when this historic moment happened six months ago?

The Tent of Dreams! I was lucky enough to be standing right there when the leaders of tomorrow put a painted tarp over a statue of a Union general, for reasons I’m obviously not smart enough to understand. All I know is that it was a beautiful moment.

The tarp is gone now. And so are the Occupiers:


See, they’ve gone underground. Not literally, although you wouldn’t know from the smell.

Aubrey Whelan at the Washington Examiner has more:

Occupy DC’s base camp in McPherson Square morphed over the past nine months from a few dozen protesters in sleeping bags to a virtual tent city. But over the past few weeks, one of the most enduring encampments of the national anti-Wall Street movement has all but disappeared.

A library tent and a few tarps are all that remain of the ongoing vigil, and Occupiers who once spent their days in McPherson Square at the corner of 15th and K streets are mostly gone. Many of those who remain now meet in the offices that a labor union, the Service Employees International Union, rented for them a few blocks away…

Occupiers now ensconced in an office suite at 16th and L streets are unsure what will become of their McPherson presence. They’re considering launching “one-day occupations,” setting up tents and information tables at different parks around the city to continue their protests. They may even re-Occupy another park.

They may push some more old ladies down the stairs. They may use their own small children to block doorways. They may follow the example of their brothers in Cleveland and try to blow up a bridge. Or perhaps they’ll run around smashing store windows like Occupy San Francisco. Or maybe they’re cooking up some other really good idea to get people on their side.

Come on, everybody. The Occupy movement isn’t dead. It’s just restin’. It’s pinin’ for the fjords.


P.S. Didn’t mean to leave you out, Occupy Bilderberg!