David Limbaugh: If Obama re-elected ‘we don’t deserve to keep our country’

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President Barack Obama and his administration have wreaked havoc on America, according to “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic,” a new book by New York Times bestselling author and attorney David Limbaugh.

While the title speaks for itself, Limbaugh dedicates over 400 pages to making a heavily footnoted case against the current administration, claiming the president is “waging a war on America.”

“I think we’re in a critical situation in this country today and we face crippling debt, and Obama’s policies are causing it, and he refuses to lead us toward fiscal solvency — and obstructs Republican efforts to stop it,” Limbaugh explained in an interview with The Daily Caller. “So we have to get him to see it. And I want to alert the public to the extent that I can just how bad his record has been, and how much worse it would be if he were re-elected.”

“So the goal is to help defeat him, ultimately,” said Limbaugh.

The book delves into Limbaugh’s analysis of Obama’s economic illiteracy but goes well beyond fiscal policy, with entire chapters detailing the president’s “wars on” energy, the Right, American culture, business, guns, national security and the dignity of his office.

Like Limbaugh’s 2010 analysis, “Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama,” this follow-up pulls no punches.

“[H]e’s bankrupting us and obstructing our ability to reform entitlements, which are now at 99.4 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and his annual deficits are projected at almost a trillion a year, according to CBO, [for] the next 10 years — during which he says he’s not going to add a dime to the debt,” Limbaugh explained. “This brilliant president does not know the difference between the deficit and the debt so he’s not going to add a dime to the trillion dollar deficit!”

“But much as [Obama’s economic failures] bother me, almost as much, he is downscaling our military both in conventional and nuclear forces at a time when China and Russia are ramping up, at a time when terrorists are trying to get weapons of mass destruction and rogue states supporting them are doing the same,” Limbaugh said. “One of the few things the Constitution mandates is federal spending on defense and that’s one of the few places Obama won’t do it.”

While Limbaugh chronicle’s Obama’s failures, he also takes issue with the media’ perception that Obama is “likeable.”

“I wonder if people really believe that. How much do they like a person who is constantly bullying people, who is constantly distorting the truth, who is constantly bullying his opponents and demonizing them?” Limbaugh questioned. “Calling them hostage takers, demonizing big business, conducting a war on oil that is crippling the economy, throwing billions at quick-sided green energy projects, conducting the war on the Chamber of Commerce along with business and refusing to restructure our entitlement?”

“I don’t know how likeable a guy is when he does that,” Limbaugh said, adding that likability will not necessarily translate into an Obama win in November.

Limbaugh makes no bones about the fact that his book is part of the effort to defeat Obama. A second Obama term, he said, would be devastating for the country.

“Obama, if he wins, will take it as an indication he’s got a mandate to do even more. And you know he already doesn’t honor the rule of law. He doesn’t honor the Constitution,” Limbaugh lamented. “He does end-runs around it, with abuses of executive authority, administrative ruses — and there’s no telling what he would do. If he’s not kicked out of office after spending this kind of money, after running up what will have been 6 trillion dollars in four years, then we don’t deserve to keep our country.”

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