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Good morning, lefties!

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Well, I guess it’s not for you. 🙂 We had some fun last night gloating over your misery and petulant frustration, and I see no reason to stop now. Nothing’s going to beat the heartbroken socialist blubbering “This is the end of democracy!” on live TV, but there’s still plenty of other good stuff.

Courtesy of Brian Stelter, here’s Ed Schultz reacting to the news of Governor Scott Walker’s glorious victory:

I want that on a t-shirt. Schultz noted: “This is not going to be an easy night for this broadcaster.” Isn’t that wonderful? It seems like only yesterday he was saying:

It’s funny how a microcosm stops being a microcosm when it doesn’t do what you want it to do.

Now, observe as a supporter of loser Tom Barrett actually slaps him in the face for knowing how to count:

While Barrett’s taking a slap to his face, former political operative Markos Moulitsas is trying to save his:

That’s nice, dear. Also, you lost.

I like Harry Shearer, but I can’t help but smile at his peevish despair:

Will libs forget how Obama dropped the ball on this one? He’d better hope so!

Michael Moore is keeping his chins up:

Of course, they’re out of session until November. But still, pretty cool!

Oh, there’s just so much deliciousness this morning. I’ll probably update this throughout the day with more leftist pouting, whining, and other deeply satisfying expressions of thwarted rage. It is a beautiful day for America.

Congratulations, Governor Walker!

Update: The New York Times headline is amusing.

When Obama won 53% of the vote, it was a mandate. When Walker won 53% of the vote, he “survived.” But you have to give the NYT credit for reporting on it at all, the poor dears.

Update: So good. So, so good.

Update: “Kill Scott Walker”: Angry libs flood Twitter with death threats after Wisconsin recall defeat.

Update: This is “democracy in action” because they’re not Republicans.

Update: Their wounds are entirely self-inflicted. But they’ll still blame us for noticing. That’s the fun of it!