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How would I have spun it if the exit polls had been right, and Scott Walker had lost? Hard to say. I hadn’t thought of anything by the time it became clear the exits were wrong (again). The intervening hour of despair tempers my enthusiasm for gloating about the result. There but for the grace of Quad.

But there are some duties a blogger cannot shirk. If I’m going to gloat, though, it would be good to find the most egregiously embarrassing prediction of doom for Walker (and his “overreach” in changing the rules of public employee unionism) in the past year and a half. Please submit your nominations below. Bonus points if they were not written by E.J. Dionne. …

P.S.: One winner tonight was Huffington Post, whose interactive map turned out to be a good place for figuring out who was really ahead. … Update: Also, lots of people seem to have liked Ace of Spades‘ crowdsourced map. …

Mickey Kaus