Everyday should be ‘Slutty Wednesday’: NY teens protest school dress code by dressing sluttily

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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This, right here, is what America is all about: banding together and rebelling against oppression. And that’s just what some New York high schoolers did — all in the name of showing some skin.

Approximately 100 girls at Stuyvesant High School protested the school’s prudish dress code by holding “Slutty Wednesday” in which they wore clothing that is banned, the New York Post reports. Students are not permitted to show their shoulders or midriffs, or wear articles of clothing that reveal their underwear or bras.

Female students complained that they were being sent to the principal’s office far too often for silly reasons. Horny teenage boys say the rules suggest that they are, in fact, horny boys who are not capable of keeping their horniness in check if the gals prance around in tight jean skirts.

One ninth grader told the Post that the students deserve to occasionally bare their midriffs because “we work our asses off.” She made another argument — perhaps a little more compelling than the first — that the rules are ridiculous because many of the classrooms don’t have air conditioning units “and when it is 80 degrees outside and it is really hot, it’s perfectly OK to show a little skin.”

The strict dress code was put in place last fall. Shirts with inappropriate or offensive words are not permitted, and dresses and skirts must be below the fingertips when girls’ arms are by their sides. That sure does leave very little to chose from in teens’ closets these days — and leaves way too much to the imagination of their male classmates.

Don’t give up, Stuyvesant High School females. It’s what our Founding Fathers intended.

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