Genital mutilation almost as popular as cannibalism

Stephen Elliott Contributor
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An Alabama woman has been charged with domestic violence and assault after police allege that she stabbed her estranged husband with scissors and bit his genitals, The Birmingham News reports.

The victim told police that he was asleep in bed with his girlfriend when the suspect, Tiffany Ronita McGregory, entered the home through the basement door, walked to the bedroom and began hitting the victim.

Police say McGregory then grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed her unnamed husband in the arms and back. The victim wrestled the scissors away, and then McGregory bit him in the genitals.

McGregory was released on $45,000 bond after the Saturday incident.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Randy Christian had some words of wisdom for the victim. “If I were him, I would step very lightly and politely around her. That ‘hell hath no fury’ saying rings pretty true.”

This is not the only case this week of genital mutilation. On Tuesday, a North Carolina woman allegedly squeezed her boyfriend’s scrotum so hard that one of the victim’s testicles was dislodged.

In both cases, the injuries were treatable and are expected to cause no long-term damage.

In April, an Indiana man was attacked by a lady in his life. He was taken to Ball Memorial Hospital.

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