June 7 Lagniappe

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Good morning, friends. As you might imagine, a majority of the political news from yesterday dealt with Scott Walker‘s win in Wisconsin. I’ve listed some of the best recaps on that event, but rest assured, that’s not all of interest that was written yesterday.

John Hayward for Human Events“No, ‘Citizens United’ did not throw the Wisconsin recall to Walker”

Walter Russell Mead for The American Interest“The ‘People United’ Go Down in Flames”

Jennifer Victor for the Mischiefs of Faction blog: “How to be Non-Plused by Citizens United and Exorbitant Campaign Spending”

Harold Meyerson for The American Prospect“A Wisconsin Domino Effect?”

Alexander Burns for Politico“Ron Paul: I won’t be the nominee”

Alana Goodman for Commentary“Good Riddance to the Paycheck Fairness Act”

Jeffrey Goldberg for The Atlantic“New Report Finds an Israeli Attack on Iran to be a Comprehensively Bad Idea”

Orson Scott Card for National Review“Thoughts on Ray Bradbury”

Conor Friedersdorf for The Atlantic“GOP Intransigence: Wise or Foolish?”

Finally, on BloggingheadsBill Scher and I discuss an age old question: “Why don’t old politicians just retire?”


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